About Us

About Us

My name is Nancy. I'm 73 years old and have been a Christian since I was 12 years old. Our family was very traditional. It was my father who lead me to the Lord. Dad would watch Billy Graham on TV, One day when we watched, he knew God was speaking to me, and so he lead me to accept Jesus as my Savior. (That was a pivital point that changed my life!) My family went to Methodist, Baptist and Lutheran churches as I was growing up. Where we went depended upon which church was closest to us. My Dad was a farmer. We started out living close to the extended family on one of the family farms in Cresco, Iowa. Then, we moved to Newburg, Minnesota.

In Minnesota, Dad started out renting a farm. then when an opportunity came up, he bought a farm of his own. It's funny-- that was in the late 1950's. My husband is amazed at how my childhood was compared to his in California. We had no indoor plumbing and carried the water to the house in a milkcan. We heated the house with the old potbellied stove just like old times. The house was over a hundred years old! My schoolhouse was a large building that contained all grades and one teacher. It was no different than it had been for a hundred years. We were happy in our childhood, and have many good memories of that time. During the years, Dad improved the property, and in 1964 built a new house. Then, life changed. A tornado took everything! We were uprooted, and our family moved to by Greenleaften, Minnesota.

I went to high school in Harmony, graduated, then went off to Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. There I was an English major. After graduating, I wanted to travel and experience life. A freind and I took off for Denver. There I met my husband. Paul and I have been married for nearly 50 years. Although he does not want to be ckassified as a Christian, he is perfectly okay with my faith! During our years we have had many career changes. We've been "carneys". I was a daycare provider, retail seller, fleamarket merchant, thrift store assistant manager and, now, an internet blogger. Throughout all of my experiences God has been faithful. My faith has upheld me. God has been with us , whether, we slept on freezers or merry-go-rounds on the carnival, or the Caesar's Palace suite while Paul played poker. We've lived in Minnesota, Colorado, California, Montana and Nevada. ( Utah may be next.) Each place has had new adventures. God has taught me many lessons during the times. Any of these adventures may be covered in a future blog.

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