“Uncensored Truth” — How the Church has turned it’s back on Christ!

I found a great book about the basics of Christianity that I recommend. It’s called “Uncensored Truth” by Jud White. It covers almost every topic that Christians and seekers may have about Jesus’ teachings and the foundation of the Christian faith. Unfortunately, many of us don’t know these basics. We are taught much in our churches. Much of it is applicable to our Christian faith. Much of it is interesting, but has little to do with actual spiritual growth. The result is that many of us are babies in the faith after being believers for year! We struggle to survive in this enemy territory. We are like “sheep” surrounded by wolves! We toddle and fall down! Some never get up! We suffer the same troubles as non-Christians with divorce, mental illness, financial difficulty, and unsatisfactory lives.

I believe it goes beyond the basics! The basics are a primer of Christian knowledge, but it is not the knowledge that makes a difference. It is the life they see that makes it real to them! I’m reading another book that expresses what I wish to say. It is called–“Out of the Saltshaker and into the World” by Rebecca Manley Pippert. Pippert writes “Jesus is with us, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, he calls, equips, and motivates us for ministry. This is the first bit of good news. The second is like it. The presence of Christ brings us his power and ability to use our limited resources in his limitless ways. Third, Jesus is with us, not only by being with us through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit but by being part of those to whom we are called to minister. All people have been created in God’s image. When we meet them in a real, personal encounter, we are meeting something of Christ. We are indeed not alone. And that’s what we want to see more clearly now.” “Indeed, our ministry to others is dependent on our being fed by Christ himself. And it is the Holy Spirit who makes Jesus alive to us and nourishes him in us. Therefore, the Spirit of God is an absolute requisite for what we are called to do.”

I think this passage is the greatest message to the church! Many in the modern church has forgotten this message and gone their own way! This is why the Church is held in such low regard today! We, in the church, have been intimidated by the Enemy to think we are alone and powerless. Like scared sheep, we panic! We forget that the God of the Universe is behind us! As His children, He desires to use us in people’s lives that we come in contact with! We are made for worship and the greatest example of worship is for us to allow Him full access to our lives. This is what the early church members did! It caused the church to grow quickly! As people saw lives changed, and power given to the Holy Spirit, they submitted instantly to the calling on their lives! In many cases this is what is missing in the Church today! The submission to the Spirit is left out of discipleship programs. They have become anemic and sickly! Only when our whole life is given over in worship and service does the church begin to see revival and renewal. Then, as we see our lives changed, we see others through His eyes! When this occurs, then the Body of Christ is returned to Him, and the Church becomes healthy and grows!!!!