I’m proud to be an American!

Many of the people who will read this live in other countries. By giving this entry that title, I am in no way discrediting what other people may feel for their country! I am simply saying how proud I am of our heritage and the principles upon which we were founded! No matter what the media or academia may try to teach, the facts are out there that support our belief that America was founded by “Christians”. Although not all called themselves Christians, they were people who felt God’s leading in setting up our form of government and defending the principles upon which it stands!
I would like to recommend The Truth Project. From a Christian perspective, it is a comprehensive study of principles that form our historical background! This film, by Focus on the Family, explains the cultural struggles we face in our country. Taught by Dr. Del Tackett, we are lead into a Biblical study that firmly creates a foundation upon which we can stand! Using the Bible, we are taught the Truth regarding every area of our lives. From there, he goes on to show how America was discovered, populated and founded by people who had a strong faith in a Creator God who has sent down Truths that we can trust to live by!
I would also recommend “The Patriot’s Bible”. It is a valuable source of quotes and information regarding our Christian history in America! It cannot be denied by any honest reader that from the landing of Columbus, or the Mayflower, we have been founded on and then governed by Christian principles. Our founding father’s, no matter what they were labeled, believed that our country was to be based on these Christian principles! From the beginning, they felt it was blessed and founded by GOD! The GREAT “I AM”! They warned us that if we left this foundation that we would lose our freedoms. We see this in the news every day!
The second book is: “The Harbinger” by Jonathan Cahn. It is another book that is very thought provoking! I plan on writing a blog regarding this book. I think we are being warned that we are “leaving” GOD out of our country’s value system and leadership! Like ancient Israel, we are not humbling ourselves in order to seek His guidance! We have become boastful and unfaithful. He is desperately seeking to get our attention! We are like lost children whose parent wants us to hear His voice!

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