Faith and Henrytown Church! — far more than a building!

No matter where we are, we are never far from our own heritage and the events that make us who we are! Our memories always remain with us no matter where we are! They are what form us, and each event of our lives builds on one another to form a foundation of who we become! These memories affect our response to what we see and feel today! They cannot be removed(except by Alzheimer’s or some physical ailment)and no matter where we are, they are part of us!
I’m in the Philippines with my family. Owen, our son, has been here for most of a year, so we came here to Manila to see him. Physically, this is the other side of the world! It’s a whole different life style! I’m still an American, so back in America events can happened that bring out emotions deep within my heart and soul! That is what happened to me!
A news story came across my facebook page and was posted by my sister that caught my attention! The Henrytown Lutheran Church in Henrytown , Minnesota, had burned down! I have vivid memories from my childhood of that church! I went to Sunday School there! I was confirmed there! I can visualize the pulpit, and the room we studied in! I can remember being part of the youth group! My Aunt Amelia and Uncle Jesse are buried there! Later, they remodeled part of it, but – no mind- I remember it from my youth!
I looked at the pictures of the fire! Physically, the building was all gone! It was nothing but charged ruble! I saw a blackened cross! In a later news story post, I saw the back of my cousin Donna and niece Debbie standing at a prayer meeting! The congregation met as they always had for the service —- same time and day minus the building! God was still there and His Presence would sustain and comfort them! That is the deepest part of my memory! It was at that church under Pastor Boyer and Pastor Johnson that I first learned about faith! Deep within the Pastors’ teachings and the lives of the whole congregation, I learned about God and how the Christian Life should be led! Everything that we experience is used by God to teach us about His nature so I know that even with the building gone, His Spirit continues to be at Work and people will still experience His Presence!

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