A New World ?!? —Facing it as A Christian

The reality of our life in America hits me more fully as I settle in here in Manila. My Spirit soars as I travel around Manila! I am constantly reminded I am in a country that still honors God! All around me I see signs of God’s presence and these people’s honor of Him! I look out our window at this condo and I see a billboard that says —“Look up, young man! – God….. I see on jeepneys words like- “Praise the Lord!”, “Jesus is Lord!”, “God is good!” and I see the many smiles and kindnesses done by the people I meet.
Many Filipinos live the faith that they profess! They put into practice the principles taught by our Lord and rely on His leading! Life is simpler here! Poverty is faced daily! Trials and hardships come and are beyond their control. When a typhoon hits and rain falls and winds blow, or a pestilence comes, they know they are at its mercy. Only faith in God can help ease life’s suffering! They know that God is with them throughout life’s storms! They live this simple faith daily!
Desperate situations everywhere cause us to recognize our need of God! The situations vary with each person, but they can cause us to feel desperate and empty! We want order in our life! We feel overwhelmed and want to know that we are not alone. We sense that there is more to this existence, and that here must be something that is bigger than this life! There must be a God that is real and we want to touch Him! We want to find hope and help the situations we see in our world! All of these thoughts flood through our mind. Many in the world do not acknowledge the questions or feelings they have within them. They desire peace and love! They try as hard as they can to fill the void, but there is always a sense of hollowness, insecurity and a lack of acceptance. For them, this is never satisfied and there is always a deep longing! We’ve all felt it at some point in our lives! But for the Christian, this deep need only lasts momentarily! This insecurity, confusion and fear disappears when we remember that His Spirit is within us and we can talk to Him! He has felt what we are feeling! We cannot control life’s circumstances, but we can seek His comfort and reassurance! Our Heavenly Father lovingly waits for us to recognize this! He is always near! As we pray or seek answers in His Word, He makes His Presence known! He comforts us and lets us know that our life is in His Hands and all is well! We are loved! He will walk us through our difficulty! The situation may not have changed, but our Father is with us to give us strength and direction to face it!
Many Filipinos have mastered this dependence on God! The circumstances of life have taught them! No matter what happens, they smile and freely acknowledge God and give Him praise! Their government allows this freedom. What is in their spirits, is openly shared in daily activities! In America we are losing that freedom! Within the span of my lifetime, I have seen great changes! I can only imagine what our parents have watched happening! Old movies, in the past, showed people turning to prayer in time of need! They were not embarrassed to acknowledge God as a source of strength! Old textbooks, from my youth, expressed faith by poems, stories and historical events! Our founding Fathers were shown praying and seeking God for decisions they made! Much of the content was faith-based!Television and the media were not so violent and perverted but were family friendly! Think of Howdy Doody, I Love Lucy, Gunsmoke, etc. Music was about love, patriotism, simple fun and God. Morality was taught in school and was based on the Golden Rule and respect for one another! Life was simpler! We had a common foundation of Judeo-Christian values and they were freely acknowledged!
The only way that we can face the new world around us is to hold on to God’s hand! Through all circumstances we need to let it ride, knowing that God filters it and the outcome is in His hands! The lesson is not easy, but within the ever-changing world it is important that we learn this! Without this acknowledgement, we will be lost and helplessly alone. We must grab onto His steady, loving Hand and let Our Father handle it!

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