Back in the Philippines! —April, 2015

Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies) is a song that holds great comfort to me!

Each trip or step we take in life needs to be looked at from God’s perspective. Much of the time He wants us to experience a new adventure, or learn something about His nature or our own. Many times it is both! It never fails to amaze me how short our memories are! But God has always been faithful! Somehow, when I am faced with new situations, my memory runs short! I get fearful and scared!
We arrived in Manila, Philippines, in the middle of the night. The trip had been long and our sleep had been in short supply. There are several terminals close together, so when the plane landed, we went inside. The terminal had been remodeled, and because we were exhausted, we were unsure which terminal we were in. After several moments of discussion, we were ready to tackle the next steps. We went outside. (Last time we had rented a car and we had learned a valuable lesson on our last trip! Driving in Manila is dangerous! Rules of the road don’t apply, and you are on your own! Each driver jostles for a way to get through to their destination.) Last trip we had stayed in a resort outside of Manila and had to drive there late at night. We didn’t want to go through the same situation so we had rented a hotel room in our old neighborhood in Manila. We knew which direction to go! This time we were confident that we could handle this —-
So off we headed! We got our bearings and flagged down a jeepney! We rode to Edsa. Once there, we missed our stop and got off the jeepney a couple blocks too late!That’s when my confidence faltered! Manila has many poor areas! The place where we got off was in one of them! There is very dim street lighting! The sidewalks are bumpy and in bad repair and there are a number of bars with loud music blaring! We, also, walked past street venders who are desperately poor, and we felt their eyes following us as they wondered where we were headed! They were as unsure of us as we were of them! The situation made me feel lost and nervous! My comfort level was low.
We kept on walking back to our stop on Taft. As we did, the song “Whom Shall I Fear” spoke to my Spirit! The lines:
” I know who goes before me
I know who stands behind
The God of Angel Armies is always by my side” by Chris Tomlin
kept going through my head. I know we should keep His Word in our hearts, but it was this song that came to mind! In the midst of the heaviness that my Spirit felt, came a comfort that we were not alone! I felt like smiling and knew all was well! We came to the Edsa bridge, went up and had to change course because the gate was closed. We took another turn and the next thing I knew we had crossed the Edsa bridge, gone down the steps and in front of us were jeepneys. From there we knew the way! Inside the jeepney we entered were the words —da Jesus family! It was as if God were saying: “See I told you everything would turn out fine! You are my child and I am with you even when you are not feeling it!” I think that’s true for all of us! Despite how life appears to us, we need to look through the fog of our own fear and see the sign —-da Jesus family, and know He “will never leave or forsake us!” We are part of the Body of the Jesus family!! God is so much bigger than the scary world we find ourselves in!

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