An invitation to be part of the Christian Community— whether you are one or not!

We want to make this site comfortable for you to express what is going on  in your church’s activities, or changes in it’s physical structure, or question’s for one another regarding faith. We want you to be able to grow closer as the Body of Christ! I would like it  to become a community where we can openly share!  If you have a comment of a specific church, in a specific location, or an update, I want you to let us know! We will pass on the information! If you have a question regarding Christianity, I know several pastors whom I can ask. I have a Jewish friend, I can ask regarding her faith. If you are interested and searching for answers regarding a relationship with the Lord, we want you to ask?  I want us to make this site informative and enjoyable for us all. We want to encourage one another’s faith, and to grow in closeness to the Lord! In light of what is happening in the world— this blog is dedicated to the glory of God!